Warm Days and Onesies – Disney’s Cuddly Bodysuit Review

On these warm summer days, my boys have been hanging out in just onesies.  Pulling out the hand me downs from my oldest, I always thought I took really good care of my clothes, and I was shocked at how many of the onesies were stained from baby food, spit up, and stretched at the collars.

We got these cute Disney onesies to try out and they are great.  Here are my thoughts:

  •  From first opening them, they are soft
  • The sizing is right on with where they are right now.
  • There are no tags, so everything is comfortable for them.
  • There are two rows of snaps, so they can wear them longer
  • They washed really well.  I let the boys drop food all over them and they came right clean in the laundry, no stains
  • Overall, they just feel like a great quality
I am told that it has extra stitching on all the seams so that it will be durable to all the washing it will take.  They come in mulitple characters from Disney, all with coordinating shorts! My friend Amanda tried this same body suit and you can check out her thoughts HERE!