Calgary’s Cupcake Van–The Purple Pastry Chef

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This weekend another FABULOUS calgary blogger, Tina (from Bits N Bites With Tina) invited me to join her in a journey downtown to taste the amazing and creative cupcakes at The Purple Pastry Chef.
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Salted Caramel Popcorn – this one seemed a little strange to me but was surprisingly great.  I love caramel popcorn until I get a kernel stuck in my teeth, then I am DONE.  This was all soft kernels that almost melted in your mouth with the frosting.  YUM.
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Cinnamon Twist – this one had more of a cream cheese frosting and it was sweet (nothing too sweet for me!)  The horse shoe had a great Stampede tie-in and was good tasting, unlike the chalky fondant that most people use, that looks cool but tastes nasty.  This was my favorite I tried today.
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Chantal, who creates these delicious beauties, explains the name came from the song The Purple People Eater, which led her to think of the Purple Pastry Eater.  Her adorable cupcake cowboy hat, ruffled apron, and cupcake curtains were too cute not to compliment. 

Other popular choices were the Chocolate Beer and the Maple Bacon (which she didn’t have today).  I am very curious to try the maple bacon, but have no doubts as to its deliciousness after braving the Salted Caramel.

Because she is in a mobile van, its easiest to find her by checking on twitter, @monsterchefs or @yycfoodtrucks.

I hope to see the cute purple puppet around town and hopefully FAR south soon!