The Secret to Happy Kids – NO SUNBURNS!

Okay, so I might not have a real SECRET but for sure your kids will happy (and you too) when they survive the day without being sunburnt.  That whining is worse than any pain you could experience yourself. 

I can’t admit to being the best mom in terms of ALWAYS lathering my child in the SPF but when we went to Oklahoma last summer it was SO hot we made sure to wear SPF 45 every day.  We were the only family to not get severe sunburns.

What I wish I had for that trip, and will have in the future is a swimming suit that covers a lot of the body, reducing my sunscreen time. 

GrUVyWear makes swim suits that have an SPF of 50.  They have a ton of cute options to choose from and we got to try out this adorable black and grey camo shirt and shorts.

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Jett loved his, all the pictures I took of him outside running turned out blurry!  This is him wearing it later in the afternoon.  This is his best “muscle man” pose.  Little Turkey.

GrUVyWear is also giving a discount code to all of my readers!  Simply enter in SAVE1512.  (The outfit I got is on sale right now too!)


I received a complimentary outfit from GrUVyWear in exchange for this post. All opinions expressed are my own.