The Bottle That Saved My Sanity (and its not my diet coke)

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Being a mother of twins, I spend an insane amount of time each day making bottles, hunting down and collecting bottles, and washing bottles.  Then sterilizing bottles.  Its a little  crazy around here. 

My boys have been VERY colicky and spitty since day one (remember?) so when I got the chance to try the Mam anti-colic bottles I jumped. 

I received 6 bottles, 3- 8 oz and 3 – 5 oz bottles. 


I have noticed a decrease in the spitting, but I am not sure if its just the age they are at or the bottles themselves.  HOWEVER let me share with you THE BEST THING EVER.  These bottles have a secret little feature that is amazing. 

THEY SELF STERILIZE.  No more washing then running a cycle in the dishwasher, or using those weird plastic bag things.  Let me see if I can find a picture to explain this….

Fill with 20 ml of water 
Put the bottle together 
Heat in the microwave for 3 minutes

Is that not amazing?  Another awesome feature is that the lids, which I usually just throw out because they clutter up my counter, have measurement levels on the side.  This has saved me while making bottles on the run, knowing how much formula or water I am adding.  SMART.

Do you want your own Mam bottles?  They are now selling in Canada at Walmart and Superstore.   Someone will also take home an amazing prize pack.

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One lucky reader will win:
– A triple pack of 9 ounce bottles
– A triple pack of 5 ounce bottles
– Assorted extra nipples/varied sizes
– Suggested retail value in Canada: $64