How To Stumble – A Step By Step Guide To Set-Up And Stumbling

While I am away, I am having several friends guest post on the blog with all sorts of amazing tips, tricks and stories.  Here is Tina from Bits N Bites With Tina she is a fellow Calgary blogger with some great skills to share with us about Stumble Upon:


Recently, there have been many, many questions on stumbling. It seems a little complicated at first glance, but is really quite an easy thing to do. Stumbling will help you find great posts to read and will help other people to find posts they like as well.
I have written a step by step guide to stumbling. Have fun, discover new websites and enjoy reading fantastic posts in the areas you like.
How To Stumble
1. install stumble upon toolbar for your browser
2. be sure when you sign up for stumble upon you fill out your complete profile so people know what you like to stumble. Include about 4 or 5 different topics like humor, cooking etc
3. now when you open a post you will see the toolbar at the top of your browser
4. there are “like” “don’t like” (thumbs up, thumbs down) buttons on the toolbar
5. if you like the post you are reading click “like” if you don’t, click “don’t like” or just close browser
6. if it has not be discovered and you click “like”, another window will open where you can tag the post in a category you think fits that post and write a short review on it. This helps other people who like to read items in that field find it.
7. If the post has already been discovered, the button you clicked will simply turn green. At this time you know you have stumbled the post.
8. On the toolbar, you will also see a share button. If you click on this, you can send the post to other people to check it out.
9. You should try and discover 4 posts a week minimum and follow a couple of new stumblers. This will increase your followers and increase your own posts being stumbled.
10. You can find new followers by looking at the top of the post in the stumble bar. You will see the share button, an info button and then beside it the name of the person who discovered that post. If this is a post you like, then follow that person because they will stumble more posts like that.
11. Also on the toolbar is a stumble button on the left hand side. You should click this button and randomly stumble a couple of times a week.
Okay, that’s it. You are ready to go. Keep this page open for reference while you sign up and install the toolbar. You can go step by step and find out just how easy this is!

This was originally posted on Tinas Blog on 6/14.2012