My Biggest Fear and a Summer Party

I think it is safe to say its officially summer.  School is out here in Canada, the kids are everywhere, and now that the rain has finally stopped we are going to spend out summer days at the beach.  I am also thinking of having a summer BBQ and invite the group of friends over.  This makes me nervous.  I hate having people at my house.  I don’t mind hosting, I love having my house cleaned and organized for the day.  I hate worrying about everyone being comfortable.  I don’t want them to see my stashes of stuff / junk / papers in the drawers.  I want to control it all, and I can’t, so I get stressed and don’t really invite anyone but immediate family over.  I can never truly enjoy myself or relax.

After the twins I had a volunteer come in and watch the babies while I took Jett out for some one on one time every week.  It was amazing, as well as helpful in my fear of visitors.  I am mentally psyching myself up for a summer barbeque, telling myself I should plan enough in advance that I am not stressing on the day of.  I am forcing myself to follow through by ordering invitations and mailing them.

These are my final choices for the invites.  I am ordering them from Tiny Prints.  Which do you like the best? What screams casual, fun, summer party?

Are you planning a summer party?  A baby shower?  Summer birthday party?  Do you want to win some invites for yourself?   Fill out the form below and enter as you wish!