Preemie: Lessons in Love, Life, and Motherhood

Preemie: Lessons in Love, Life and Motherhood by Kasey Mathews. Book Review.

A story of a mothers journey raising a preemie baby.  The honest truth and gut wrenching feelings of the first few days.  The worries and concerns of the first few years.
I myself had preemie babies, and the hardest part about it is the unknown.  I would ask the nurses what to expect and the answer was always “every baby is different” and it drove me crazy.  I would rather have a realistic timeline and expectations in my head than fear the worst every day.  I was very lucky that I had a friend who had been through it before and she emailed me saying you can ask whatever you want.  She didn’t bombard me with  information, each baby is different, but she was there for me and understood in a way no other friend could at that point.  I would waddle down to the nicu at 4am to use the computer and facebook my friend more questions.  Over time I learned more about what was going on and what to look for, what to ask.
Kasey Matthews book serves as the woman who will tell you just how it is.  No sugar coating, but no dramatics.  Just the facts.  Because of the privacy laws, you aren’t allowed to talk to other mothers in the NICU.  This book would be an amazing asset to any mother in there.
I will admit, having my preemies only 8 months old, I am finally starting to breath a bit and think we are passed the worst of it.  I do worry about the things to come, and I am grateful I can look forward with hope.

This book is a great story of overcoming the unforeseen challenges life throws your way.