The Newport Ladies Book Club – Daisy

Daisy (The Newport Ladies Book Club)

Can I just state the fact that I think even in this modern time Women are still somewhat at a disadvantage.  I think that we have to stick up for each other and not demean the gender.  Not to get all girl power on you, but I love it when women can spend time together or work together to create something and there is no drama and no cattiness.
Imagine my surprise when I hear about a new book series “The Newport Ladies Book Club”.  Not written by 1 author, but by 4 different women.  With different publishers.  How they managed to pull it off, I have no idea.
The second book in the series (but the only one I have read) is about Daisy.  Daisy is frustrated with being a mom.  She has raised two daughters by herself and she is finally at a peaceful place in her life with her children grown, a grandchild on the way, happily married.  When her life throws a wrench in her plans her new found book club friends stand by her side.
I find is stressful to read books about motherhood being hard because I am just at the beginning of my journey into this and I am finding the day to day grind difficult.  I relate to Daisy in this fact and I literally feel her feelings and frustrations. 
I appreciate how Daisy is forced to grow up in a way and learn to see the other side of the story.  I think that sometimes there is a completely different side that we never considered existed.  I also like that this character was real, with real adult problems.  It wasn’t ditzy with dream endings and a knight in shining armor to trot in and save the day.

It was a good book but I am dying to read the others in theseries.  Consider yourself warned!


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