Twins Nursery– My House


This is what this room looked like when we were doing the home inspection.  The previous owners stole the jeep light and left us with this crappy $12 home depot light, but I am not sure what I want to see in here yet, so it hasn’t changed.

House Pictures 030-1
The crib on the right the crib I picked out to use for all of my babies.  I figured it was worth the investment (the matching dresser and hutch are now in Jett’s room) because it would be passed down from kid to kid.  Not knowing I would have two at once, I had to find another crib.  I figured this would be my last so I didn’t want to spend a lot of money to get the exact matching crib.  I found a somewhat similar crib and both turn into toddler beds as well.
House Pictures 037-1
This is the same rocking chair I refinished to use in Jett’s room.  The signs are of their names and birth stats that a NICU nurse made for each of my boys.  The end table is an Eileen Grey Smoking Table which is perfect for storing a bottle and holds a lamp and clock (so we can remember the times of the middle of the night feedings, Bleh).

Opinions?  Love it, hate it, nothing special?