My Lost Loved One

So we went to the movie Rock of Ages the other night (a must see, Julianne Hough is husbands cousin), and I lost my phone.  I remember turning the sound off in the theater and when I got home my phone was nowhere to be found.  I know some people don’t spend a ton of time online, but I do.  My life is on my iphone.  I have pictures on it, my calender, phone numbers, its my way of being organized.  I am online quite a bit, mostly due to having such young kids.  I am stuck at home a lot (which some people love but I go crazy) so social media is my social life.

Is it sad to miss something so bad?  I feel like I am missing a child or an appendege.  At least my contract is up and I get the chance to switch cell phone providers and upgrade to the new 4s.  SAWEET.

Lost and confused, having to use the computer at 3am while feeding my child…