My Dining Room Makeover–Before and After

This is what our dining room looked like when we moved in. The previous owners had moved the dining table right up against the wall to make the room look more spacious (it didn’t trick me!).

I hated the oak doors but knew I wanted a white kitchen and was fine with painting.  The layout was fine for our needs, so I didn’t want to spend the money to replace all of the cabinets.  I decided to just replace the doors because the cost was about the same as hiring someone to paint them.  Because you don’t see any of the cabinet frames, the only space we painted was the end piece of the right side cabinet.

There is really only one cabinet to store dishes in, so I figured there needs something to balance out the long bank of lower cabinets to the right.  It feels really heavy and needed something to add interest on this wall.  I searched forever for inspiration on floating shelves.

House Pictures 011-1

House Pictures 014-1

Due to storage issues, these are the cups, bowls and plates we use every day.  I am having a hard time finalizing the accessories because it still has to hold our every day dishes. 
My husband installed the glass backsplash and hung the shelves for me.  We recruited a neighbour and his drill to help install the new hardware.
This room is still very much a work in progress, but its getting there.

TO DO still:

  • Add crown moulding to the cabinets
  • Replace the Pantry Door (the current one needs to be frosted but is missing some panes of glass)
  • Decide on accessories (looks vs. function)

What do you think?  What would you change?  Do differently?