Twilight Turtle – Guest Post & Giveaway

I was very excited to receive my Twilight Turtle by Cloud B and Dogree and my boys were even more excited!!  The first words out of middle munchkins mouth upon opening the box were “WOW!! I likeee it!”  And that was before I even showed them what it did.  We preceded to the bathroom where with no light we saw the wonders of a starry night sky; constellation’s, moon and all, and three colors of lights to choose from (amber, green and blue).  After a few minutes I needed to make dinner but the boys were still fascinated and decided to build a fort with a sleeping bag in the living room to continue to enjoy their new toy.

     They LOVE the Twilight turtle and I love that it has educational value  (teaches constellation’s and colors based on child’s age) and gets them interested in checking out the real starry night sky  To bad for them that it is summer and there is no way they are staying up late enough to see the stars….Mommy tries to be in bed before the stars 🙂  I also love that it has an automatic shut off time of 45 minutes,  not to short that they are still awake, notice and wake up, calling for mommy to come turn it on again; but doesn’t stay on all night either.  This product is great for multiple ages as well, as it is the night light for the young ones who don’t like the dark and the has the constellation’s for the older children to find when they start being interested in the sky.

The Twilight Turtle is a plush turtle with a hard shell that has stars cut into it so that when the light shines through the shell the stars shine onto the walls and ceiling creating a starry night sky in your child’s bedroom, or in our case bathroom and sleeping bag fort…

I was also pleased to notice on the box that a percentage of Cloud B sales will be donated to the Children’s wish foundation!!

My only con for this product was that it does not have music and my boys love music to go to bed with but upon looking at the cloud B catalogue I found that they have just come out with a new product that has the projection as well as music!!  Perfect for those baby’s that like a little music with their starry night sky!!