Accessible Housing For All- New Calgary Homes

In design school, a large portion of our education was on learning how to design a space that was accessible to everyone, including people in wheelchairs.  I always think about this when I am in any commercial space but I have never thought that much about it in a residence since I have finished school.

I have a friend whose son has spina bifida.  He is very mobile but also has a chair.  It wasn’t until I was at her house that I realized how hard things are for him that are so simple for us.  She was telling me about what changes she makes to her homes and some of the struggles of the one she is in.  She would like to custom build a house in a few years that her son can live in comfortably and is totally accessible.

I just found out that Stepper Custom Homes announced that they are working with the Accessible Housing Society of Calgary to design an open concept floor plan with the main areas of the house on one level.

Here is the info I found on their site:

Specifically, our Showhome Sales centre has a ramp to allow guests of limited mobility to view the Showhomes. The Cromwell Showhome ensuite has been modified to show a zero-entry shower, as well as includes a stair lift to allow customers access to the fully developed lower level. Other easily adaptable features of the Cromwell plan include:
  • 3′-0″ wide doorways
  • 4′-0″ wide hallways for ease of passage
  • Allowance for 5′-0″ turning radius for wheelchairs where required
  • Galley style kitchen capable of being fully accessible
  • Ability to build a fully zero-grade entry
Additionally, we have made strategic partnerships with trades who have the ability to design and supply fully accessiblecomponents. This includes kitchens, bathrooms, stair lifts, ramps, and other supplies related to accessibility.

Way to go Calgary.  I am so happy that something like this is available.