The Cool Haiku Ceiling Fan

This post brought to you by Haiku Fans. All opinions are 100% mine.

I love having a ceiling fan in my room, especially now that summer days are coming.  The only thing that I hate is that they all look exactly the same, there is no middle ground in terms of style.  They are either really traditional or too modern and space age looking.
I found the Haiku ceiling fan while checking out the HGTV green home.  I thought it looked amazing in the styling but upon further reading I see that it is very energy efficient as well.  The construction makes for a silent fan that won’t wobble (no more freaking out that the shaking spinning blades above your head might fall on you in your sleep!) but it is also 80% more efficient than the fans most people have in their homes.
Our house doesn’t not have air conditioning because I am to cheap to install it when you only need it for 2 months out of the year.  I am going to put the fan in my bedroom, not only will is look great, but its way less expensive than air conditioning and will make those measly 2 months a happy 2 months for me.
What do you think?  Too unique looking?  What do you look for in a light?

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