Natural Cleaning Recipes–DIY

SO I am pretty convinced that vinegar, dish soap and /or lemon juice can clean the entire world.  Throw in some essential oils for added smells and other benefits and you are good to go.  I am slowly learning this as I am very sensitive to the chemicals that make the scent in most cleaning products.  Here is the ‘recipes’ I use the most often.  Let me know if you have any others you have used!

1.  Vinegar & Lemons to clean your garbage disposal via Turnstyle Vogue
2.  Cleaning vomit out of your carpet (gross, but necessary info) via How To Clean Things
3.  Homemade Shout stain remover via One Good Thing By Jillee
4.  Make your own Dry Shampoo via Hookable Designs
5.  Yoga Mat Cleaner via Oh She Glows
6.  HD Laundry Soap via Yellow Brick Home
7.  Pet Shampoo via Mother Nature Network
8.  All purpose cleaner via Mini Manor Blog