Girls Weekend Craft Day – a getaway you wouldn’t believe

Is it weird that I want to fly to a state I have never before desired to see to spend a weekend with a complete stranger (and group of more strangers) to get together and make crafts?  If I could see me at this age when I was 16 I would have died of shock at the sight of this 28-year-old me.

But Really?  Check out this weekend.  It includes a shuttle from the airport, all the supplies for the crafts, sonic happy hour, and vintage shopping.  Hello Heaven.  I didn’t know you existed in Kansas.

Check out all the other girls weekends of the past at Craft Day Weekend.  I am on the waiting list, so if you sign up and get picked, I better be your plus one!

(PS this post isn’t sponsored by anyone, I just love it that much and hope to go one day).