Williamstown Showhomes–Airdrie Alberta

I got the pleasure of attending a twitter / blogger meet up at the grand opening of the Williamstown Showhomes.  I got the chance to meet in real life a lot of great bloggers I have only met in blog life, as well as talk to some others I have met before.  Here is my collection of house items, excuse the crappy iphone pictures, I was bust tweeting.

airdrie showhomes 042airdrie showhomes 045
Tile details.  I love these.  They are pretty similar to what I did in my basement shower, so I will have to show you one day, once the baseboards are on and it looks pretty.
airdrie showhomes 044airdrie showhomes 047
A ballet room.  A mirror, a barre, inspiring prints, pink paint, and a wood floor.  What more could a girl ask for?
airdrie showhomes 048A painting corner.  Drop cloth, supplies and canvases included.
airdrie showhomes 050airdrie showhomes 051airdrie showhomes 061
Wall paper.  I love how much of an impact in can have on a wall.  I saw lots of wallpaper in these homes.
airdrie showhomes 043airdrie showhomes 056
Dining Rooms all looking beautiful with wallpaper accents as well!
airdrie showhomes 058airdrie showhomes 060
This was deemed the ‘man cave’.  Notice the 3 TV’s on the other wall, the well stocked bar, and game paraphernalia?  Not really jealous.airdrie showhomes 065airdrie showhomes 071
I loved this bonus room because it fit a sectional and tv, a desk and a games table.  This is what I always wish for in a bonus room!
airdrie showhomes 075
Lots of chandeliers over bath tubs.  I think this would be the most relaxing thing at the end of the night.  I would add an end table beside the tub so I could put a diet coke and book down.  Mmmm.  Heaven.
airdrie showhomes 073airdrie showhomes 072
There were quite a few rooms decorated as craft rooms or offices.  I LOVED the sewing craft room and would love to have a space to leave my projects out, and just close the door and not see them!  I also love the idea of a small desk area in the kitchen if you don’t work from home.  If you don’t need a full office, this is perfect for just checking emails and paying bills.
I thought this would be a great idea for a guest room to have the basket with towels, robes, slippers, bath products, and anything else a guest might enjoy all at hand.
airdrie showhomes 077
My favorite room of the day was the hockey room in an unfinished basement.  It wouldn’t take a ton of money to recreate this, and it would keep kids entertained for hours.  It even had a penalty box!   I love the idea of having a fun room like this you don’t have to worry about your kids trashing!

I hope you got a great view of the show homes.  In addition to seeing the show homes, we were served a lovely breakfast, got to meet a few Olympians, served a BBQ lunch, driven around to a private showing of the homes on fun golf carts, and sent home with swag!  It was an awesome way to spend a nice sunny day in Airdrie, Alberta.  I highly recommend checking them out.