Where I freak out about a pop can

I want to rant a bit, and I figure this is the safest place to do it because, its MY blog. 
Its not a well hidden secret that I love me some diet coke.  It started as regular coke and as I had kids and spend more time at home I find I NEED it to get through the day.  More than one constitutes having to drink the diet. 
Husband decided that “we” need to eat more healthy.  That to him means no pop.  To me those things are different.  I am fine with the food, but don’t ask a mom whose highlight of her day is one little can of pop to give up her can of pop.  Not your choice to make buster.
So I bought my own box.  When husband saw it he flipped and was not happy with me.  I told him he made a decision for himself and NOT for me.  I am keeping my pop.
Cut to last night.  I bought a box for myself and hid it.  There was one left so I put it in the fridge, in the very bottom drawer, under the lettuce and limes, and went to the cheap movies with my mom.  This morning when I woke up there was one diet coke left on the kitchen table with 2 sips taken out of it, luke warm.
RUDE!  Its not your drink, you are eating “healthy” remember?  I find it highly offensive that he would refuse to buy them, get mad that I bought them, then take THE LAST ONE and leave it 3/4 full taunting me.  What a waste of precious nectar!
So I am spending my afternoon stocking up and hiding my new stash.