Saturday Morning Hospital Dash – Lovely

5:15 and the roads are completely clear. Probably the fact that it’s Saturday too. I wish I was sleeping in too. Baby is sick, hardly sleeps wont stop coughing, won’t eat. To children’s hospital we go.

6:11 we are here and checked in and in the room. We get better cable than I have at home, catching up on some TLC shows. What is the deal with these gypsy weddings?  Craaaaazy. Have I been living in a hole for not knowing there were still gypsys around?  The magazines are up to date too. So. Much. Entertainment. How much time do I have?  Should I get into a book?

6:17 nurse just came in. She heard he was cute and smiley. She said they all love his name, she said there are 3 families ahead of me and a new doctor just came on. She brought me a refreshing beverage  – apple juice!  If only they had diet coke and this would be heaven. Minus the sick kid.

7:34 doctor just left the room. Croup. Debating the steroids being extra careful because of his history. He could hardly hear his heart murmur do he thinks the hole is almost closed.

7:59 medicine taken we are good to go. Now if I could just take a nap on this bed. Where’s the mint on my pillow…  Yawn. I can drive home like this right?  Boston is wide awake and suddenly alert. Crazy man. He’s been up as long as I have.