Busytown Busy! Live Show–Calgary

Jett and I had the awesome opportunity to go see Richard Scarry’s Busytown Live from Koba Entertainment.  Of all the shows Koba puts on, this is the only one he hasn’t had a phase of watching 24/7.  I did know he would enjoy it so I found some episodes on Netflix to watch and he has started asking for Lolly the worm.  When we were watching it, Husband commented that our nephew LOVED lolly and his grandma made him a 5’ long stuffed lolly.  Too cute.


We invited some friends to come with, as we knew they would like the show too.  The first song was How busy is he?  BUSYTOWN BUSY.  It will be stuck in my head for a while.

We got amazing seats.  The first Mezzanine, front row.  We could have high fived the characters if they reached for us.

Jett was totally mesmerized and was really enthusiastic about the clapping.  Katie kept asking about the light up wands.  What are those?  Where do we get them?  Is that far away?  Can we go now?

So of course we had to get some.  Overall, the show was awesome, I think you could have cut the intermission and the last 10-15 minutes just because of the attention span of the 3 year olds.  In the last few songs the kids were trying to climb on stage and all gathered at the front.  Nothing tramatic happened, but the kids enjoyed dancing in the aisles.
Jett went to sleep with his special wand and hasn’t let it out of his sight since!  Thanks Koba, we will FOR SURE be seeing you if any Backyardigans, May & Ruby, Caillou, or Toopy & Binoo come to Calgary.