Book Review – Harriet Beamer Takes The Bus

From the back of the book:  In this new contemporary novel, middle-aged Harriet Beamer is forced to leave her home in Philadelphia and move to Grass Valley California because her children decide it’s time. But Harriet doesn’t take the change lightly and seizes the opportunity to make the journey of her life as she travels from town to town, city to city all the way across the country using nothing but local buses, trains, ferries, trolleys and the occasional hot air balloon, a motorcycle and an Amish buggy. But it is on this journey that Harriet learns that although her family thinks it’s time for her to be put out to pasture, God has a different plan.

My Thoughts:  Whenever I am driving to visit my family, the 10 hour drive to Idaho seems to take too long and I am always in a hurry.  2 minutes to hit the bathroom and grab a snack while we fill up with gas.  Any longer and I’m leaving you there!   Having made this trip 3-4 times a year almost my entire life, I have most of little towns and sights memorizes.  We always drive passed these amazing towns with rivers for my husband to fish in and quaint gift shops for me.  One day I would like to to have no timeline and just enjoy the journey.  

Harriet takes her big move across the country just like that.  She is in no hurry, no date to be there by.  She can stop in every little town and meet the locals, stay in B&B’s, and travel any way she catches her eye on.  That would feel very refreshing and I like the concept.  This book was an entertaining read.  My only nit-picky opinion is that is would make for a great TV series, but not a movie.  Does that make sense?  The plot seems interesting in each short little story, but the plot doesn’t lead up to one big finale.  She gets there.  No big suspense.  The better story is in her adventures as she gets there.  Each chapter could be its own tv episode. 

Harriet is a sweet, funny, and quirky lady.  I like her attitude and willingness to embrace technology!  I searched online and found a short video about the book.  I thought it was cute, so check it out.

If you want to purchase this book, you can get it HERE!