Rascal Flatts Theater Event

There is just something about music.  Its effect compares to nothing else.  I took piano lessons during all of my school years and when I was upset I loved to practice the piano because the melody with no words helped me express my feelings and/or calm down.

When I was in High School, Rascal Flatts came out with a song that I just loved. This was on their first CD they released.  The song, Movin On,  wasn’t one of their top hits but I loved that you could hear the real grand piano (one of my favorites).

One thing that makes a song mean so much more to me is hearing what the writers were thinking when they wrote the lyrics.  The story behind the song.  I got the chance to see the Rascal Flatts – Changed: One Night Only™ Exclusive Movie Theater Event. 

Not only did we get to hear the new album, each band member told us about their lives, we meet their wives and children, and the stories behind the songs.  Joe Don also has a son named Jagger (I do too).   I was disappointed that they didn’t give us a copy of the CD (you know I love me a freebie) but this one I will download on iTunes tonight.  I love the songs already.
You can enter to win a trip and tickets to a concert!  Check it out here:

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