Kids Play Room

A lot of things I find hard about living with children is how to organize the things that keep them entertained.  Yes, their toys.  I love having a play room, but I don’t want it to look like a toy cemetery.  Here are some cute ideas for storage.  I will also be posting ideas for creative / extreme play rooms as well as space saving play rooms.
Store toys in baskets on the wall.  Genius!
I want this ikea picture ledge next to my train table.  I just am not sure any trains would actually make it there, they are played with All. The. Time.
I love that there are large paper clips to hold up art as well as hooks to have the dress up costumes out in the open.  For kids who love costumes to dress up in all the time this is a great idea.

How do you keep your kids room organized?  Mine doesn’t look anywhere near any of this, but I am working on it.