Giving Your Kids Everything – My Rant

What is wrong with kids these days?  Okay not kids but younger adults.  I admit, I am one of them. It seems we are cursed with the “I Want It All, And I Want It NOW” syndrome.  I think our parents were cursed with the “I Want To Achieve More Than My Parents” syndrome and worked their butts off to create a life for themselves. Their children (us) grew up with the luxuries of their parents work and have come to expect it.  What happens when these children grow up and have lives of their own?  They still expect to have the nicest of everything and everything handed to them on a plate.

I have a few friends whose parents were able to help them out by giving them a down payment on a house.  Another friend told his parents that because they couldn’t afford to give them a down payment that they should live rent free in their house until they saved up an equal amount.  I am sorry, but what is wrong with renting for a few years and saving without someone giving it to you?  By all means, I would take the gift if given to me, but I wouldn’t demand it or throw a tantrum so my mommy would give it to me.

Married children living completely off their parents and not working.  WHAT THE FREAK PEOPLE.  Be Responsible.  Do we not know how to work?  How to go without?  I am sorry but you can wait a few months to get that new iPad without putting it on a credit card.  Or drive that car another year so you don’t have to make payments on a new one.  Just because your parents could afford to give you those things as a teenager doesn’t mean that you are entitled to them now.  Just because you grew up in a nice home doesn’t mean you have to have the nicest, largest home right out of college.  Your parents spend 30+ years earning those achievements.  They don’t need to earn YOURS as well.

Now I can’t be on my soap box completely, my parents paid for my college education.  However, I also had scholarships that gave me extra income as well as tutored for my department on campus making a measly $5.25 an hour.  And I was grateful to have the job. My $100 biweekly paycheck was our spending money as a newly married couple.  We paid for all of our expenses and had more disposable income then than we do now.

I want all of my kids to work at construction jobs and as servers in a restaurant to learn the value of work.  You have to start at the bottom and work your way up.  I can’t believe the people that expect to become a manager right away with no experience.  ENTITLED.  They feel entitled.

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I have no idea what else I should do to prevent this.  What did your parents give or provide for you?  Did it work?  What do you want to be able to provide for your children?