I Believe: When What You Believe Matters by Eldon Taylor

Today’s post is from Eldon Taylor, a NYT Best Selling Author stopping in on his virtual book tour with information on his release: I Believe: When What You Believe Matters!


Harnessing The Magic of Your Beliefs

What is the foundation underpinning success in all areas of life? Is there a blueprint? What if you learned that your beliefs were the very cornerstones that supported success, and that having a few of these could give rise to success in some areas while complete failure in others? Would you choose to build a stronger overall foundation?

Very few people today doubt the power of positive thinking. We all know that if we expect to fail, then failure is inevitably what we get. We are all familiar with the mind/body connection, and science is repeatedly demonstrating the power of mind and belief to heal. But this power of belief goes much further! What you believe can and does have a huge impact on the quality of your life—from success in business to success in relationships, from your ability to learn and master new subjects to your ability to heal your own body. Your beliefs influence almost everything in your life, from your DNA to the operation of your endocrine and immune systems; from your emotional well-being to the stability of your mood states and attitudes; from your relationships with others to your relationship with yourself—in short, with literally every aspect of your life?
But have you ever stopped to consider your own beliefs—to truly examine them and decide for yourself if they are serving you or sabotaging you?

My name is Eldon Taylor and I have spent over 25 years researching the power of the mind and developing scientifically proven methods to use this power to enhance the quality of your life. I have learned that your beliefs can empower your life or cripple your every hope and ambition—and that is why I wrote I Believe:
When What You Believe Matters!

I Believe is a book that will not only inspire you, but will highlight the kinds of beliefs you hold that may be causing you to fail. I am a simple outcome- oriented guy and my goal in I Believe was to focus solely on discovering all the ways in which our beliefs influence the world we live in and the people we have become. In the process, I have learned that we do not have to live with the beliefs we currently have, the beliefs that sabotage our every effort at success. No, I have learned how we can reprogram the beliefs that drive our lives and so unleash the true magic of our highest potential! And I share all of this with you in my latest book, I Believe: When What You Believe Matters!