Visual Journals

I have always been an avid journal writer.  Well, Always might be an exaggeration.  In high school I had a mixed media type journal, I would write out everything, but also glued in ticket stubs and notes from friends (we didn’t have cell phones to text and I am grateful to still have those notes). I even had a whole journal that I passed back and forth with a friend between classes.

When I was in College, it was more of a need to vent and it felt great to write out my feelings.  For those who know me, I don’t have a filter when it comes to speaking.  More accurately, I speak without thinking.  I speak what I feel at THAT moment.  Its not a die hard life decision, just what I feel right then.  SO sometimes that comes across as offensive and I totally didn’t mean it that way.  Or I confuse people because I said I thought one thing and then when someone else is talking to me, I see their viewpoint and I agree!  I change my mind people!  I like to have conversations to debate the issue, and I find myself playing devils advocate just to get the idea out there.
WOW that was a rant.  See?  I can’t talk, but I can write it out.  When I get frustrated I have to write it out.  SO I write.  I always have.  I continue to save all my letters and cards (my mom is THE BEST card giver ever, they are always so thoughtful and make me cry) and all these items go into my journals. 

Lately, blogging has become somewhat of a journal but I still feel the need to document the 7 miserable minutes when I let my oldest son cry it out.  Or the nights I feel like I can do nothing right because my kids are fed, changed, and just tired and wont go to sleep.

So I have seen some blogs about visual journals.  You know, using your hands, creating something without having to worry about who sees it.  
Because I don’t have enough journals apparently.  This one is just for fun. 
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