Just what I needed

I have sensitive skin. Mostly with scents. I have to be very careful when I buy laundry detergent. If its the nice smelling kind I always break out in a rash all over my legs and stomach. I won’t lie I miss that fresh laundry smell.

When I heard about Burt’s bees coming out with a new line for sensitive skin I was curious. When I was offered by buzz agents to give it a try I jumped at the chance.

I was given face wash and lotion to try out. The face wash is creamy like a lotion. It was very moisturizing and there was no strong scent but it did have a clean scent about it, if that makes sense.   I loved it because my skin didn’t freak put the way it does when I try a new face wash.

The lotion is great as well. I didn’t feel like I needed it after the face wash but I used it and liked it. However, I did use it on my sons excema and it helped clear it up. Whenever his skin is dry he breaks out and this is the best thing I have tried, tied with my prescription cream for effectiveness but I don’t have to be concerned with how
often I use it on his face.

Over all:  love it. The lotion is a bit spendy but I think it’s well worth it if your skin is sensitive.

I received a product sample from BzzAgent.