Pi Day – 3.14

March 14th or for us math nerds, Pi Day.

Anyone who grew up in Calgary going to the YSA dances knows about a dear unique friend named Dale.
Dale has an excellent memory and has a list of people.  Their name, address, phone number, birthday and email.  When you first meet him he will ask you if he can put you on ‘The List’.  From then on every time he sees you he will announce to you all of your details.  We get emails on our birthdays (without facebook having to remind him) as well as unique days.  I got a Happy 10,000 day old email about a year ago as well as a 7,777 day old email about 7 years ago.

A famous folk tale told around Calgary is about Dale’s Pi Party.  On March 14th he has a party for pi.  You know, 3.14.  In order to attend the party you must memorize the first 25 digits of pi and recite it to Dale either before the party or at the door.  We eat Pie (the fruit kind) and for those who are not able to recite the 25 digits have to sit in ‘Pie-gatory’.  An empty room with nothing but a poster with the digits of pie on it.

I have heard about this person and these party’s for years, but after my first year of college I was home in March and was able to attend the event.  I must say it sure lived up to its hype.  If anyone is interested, I could even share his anecdote on how to remember the digits!