Well, I am kind of shocked to see that this post would get so much attention.  I just thought that I would clear a few things up for some of the people who have read this and been offended.


As I started at the very beginning of the post, my friend wrote it.  The intent wasn’t to offend the person who lives in this space.  The intent and reason I shared was to share the real purpose of an interior designer.  You see, a lot of people don’t know the difference between ‘design’ and ‘decorate’ but I will save that rant of MINE for another day.  I just liked the fact mentioned that, and I will re-quote:

It makes a great image, but it doesn’t portray the real intent of careful, thoughtful interior design; to marry function and aesthetics in the most effective manner possible for the specific user(s), making their time within the space easier and more enjoyable.
I know this is going to come off harshly, but there is a reason interior designers go to college, and one of them is to actually design spaces where someone thinks about potential issues like chalk dust in your bed, getting tracked throughout the house, etc What is actually going to end up on that “wall of possibilities”?  Most likely a to-do list.  


I realize that for some people the chalk would not bother them.  
And for Ms. Annonymous, 

This is not a chalk board wall.  This is a wall painted dark grey.  If you would have looked at the picture for as much time as it took you to read back and find it, you would see that that is not chalk.  Its a home made coat hanger. It is also available from the mom who happens to sell it here.  However, I admire that you follow and read enough to remember that I posted something so similar.  Like my friend stated in her blog, the look is beautiful.


P.S. If you are confused, I post most things to both blogs, here and Modsblog.com.  I started blogging here, joined with my sister in law, than really wanted to keep this one going.  Instead of losing readers, I just post things on both sites.  SO the mean comments are on that site, which you can read here.