A Designers (True) Rant

This was posted on my friends blog (who I am not linking to because she wants her privacy, but know that I am giving her credit where credit is due).  It was too true NOT to share.

I’m BEYOND over all these wanna-be design aficionados posting TERRIBLE design like that shown in the image above.  Such images suck you in with trendy accessories and cheerful elements, see the child on the bed looking whimsically adorable in her mini-UrbanOutfitters getup?, but all they really scream to me is BAD, BAD design. 
Who really wants a chalkboard above your bed?  Did anyone think about chalk dust on your face while you sleep, or worse, chalk dust on your sheets, staining them??  Also, what if you aren’t that great at drawing or doodling?  What is actually going to end up on that “wall of possibilities”?  Most likely a to-do list.  Yep, a to-do list, looming over you while you should be forgetting about responsibilities in lieu of some quality shut-eye. The only exception where I would enjoy seeing a to-do list over someone’s bed is if it had sex listed as an item for fulfilling.  Just being honest, but I’d laugh!
Bottom line: the designers home-renovation blog addicts/DIYers of this room hopped on the trend train with the chalkboard paint; stripped all of their actual habits, preferences, and references to their life from the space; swooped into Ikea and bought a bedding set right off a bed and returned home to photograph the space with their digital SLR that they learned how to use off of another blog.  It makes a great image, but it doesn’t portray the real intent of careful, thoughtful interior design; to marry function and aesthetics in the most effective manner possible for the specific user(s), making their time within the space easier and more enjoyable.

I know this is going to come off harshly, but there is a reason interior designers go to college, and one of them is to actually design spaces where someone thinks about potential issues like chalk dust in your bed, getting tracked throughout the house, etc.  I am promptly unsubscribing to all of the “Architecture/Design” Tumblrs that I currently follow.  They only make me angry.