A Few of My Favorite Things…

I was a lucky recipient of an invitation in the mail.  
The real mail.  
How often does that happen these days?
It was a Girls Night In.  A Favorite Things Party hosted by my real life and blog life friend Mrs. M. 
We were invited and asked to bring a guest, which I loved because everyone knew SOMEONE but not EVERYONE.  
We also brought an appetizer or dessert to share.  
I brought 7 Layer Dip in a Cup inspired from this PIN.

I had to laugh when I walked in and saw this cute box for our cellphones.  After THIS post I was happy that she did have the box so we could all be present in the moment.  After taking a few pictures my phone went right into the box.

iphone 033iphone 034
Mrs. M had swag bags with some treats inside and our names labelled on the outside for everyone.
iphone 035iphone 036

I took these pictures before everyone was there because I thought it was creepy to take them of people you don’t know.  After this my phone was in the basket, so no group shots!  Sorry!

For those of you who haven’t seen this on the internets (pinterest and blogs) I will explain the Favorite Things Party.
In this case 16 girls were in attendance.  We each brought a quantity of 5 of our personal favorite thing.  
We each explained why that was our favorite things then drew names for who got to take that item home. 
My favorite item?  
Dry Shampoo.  
I have used the Tres Emme and Suave and love BOTH so much better than 
the super expensive bumble and bumble.
Other peoples favorite items included:

Diet Pepsi (silly girl, it should be Diet Coke!)
Chocolate and Chocolate Bars
Bath and Body Works Lotion
Hand sanitizer
Makeup remover wipes
Crave Cupcakes
Venus Razors
Tea infuser
Car Fresheners
Hot Yoga Passes
Mentha Lip Shine
Dry Shampoo

In other shocking news, I have since tracked down a few of the girls blogs and I am starting to feel the shock of 6 degrees of separation.  I am amazed at how many people I have never met before have 12+ friends in common with me on Facebook.  Its funny how we are all friends of a friend of a friend.  One person having a party introduced us all to each other!  LOVE IT.

Mrs. M post Here