Farmers Market Fashion

Today I wore some blue COLORED denim (the picture on the right) that I have seen all over the place and I LOVE the trend. 
I wore it with a longer white shirt (like the picture in the middle) and while not exactly looking as accessorized and sexy as these girls as I push my double stroller around, I still thought it looked good. 
I walked down stairs and the first thing out of my husbands mouth is “WHAT ARE YOU WEARING?”
Not sure how to react, not sure if I should trust his iffy fashion sense, I waited to see my sister in law.
I didn’t say anything but the first thing out of her mouth?  “I Love Your Jeans!” 
So I wore them on our outing to the farmers market.
10 points for getting dressed today.  -10 points for being the spectacle at the farmers market. 
Picture two adults, 6 kids.  4 toddlers, 2 newborns, 2 sets of twins, 2 double strollers. 
We were quite the scene.