Fancy Junkyard Couch Part 3

The Junkyard Couch Series:
If your ready for a bit of eye candy, here is the rest of the tutorial!
After the tufting was finished, I decided to put the back on- I took poster board and staple gunned it to the back- it took 4 poster boards and some batting from the fabric store.
 I then took the fabric and aligned the polka dot design in the center and then went out staple gunning to the top wood part.- because the couch curves I had to fold over the fabric on both sides right where it curved- and when I put the trim on I will cover those folds.
Heres the front pleated- the cushions are being sewn and I’m on the hunt for trim- yay it’s almost done!- I still have to adjust the fabric on the bottom i promise it will be straight!